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4 Ways Snapshot Is Disrupting Genetic Engineering

Posted by mswayne on October 3, 2018 at 7:20 AM

When you think genetic engineering, you tend to think of large companies and well-funded research laboratories. But, with breakthroughs such as CRISPR becoming more common, smaller companies and teams now have the same access to the power of genetic engineering that once was only in the hands of these labs and big companies.

However, genetic engineering tools and equipment is still expensive. But, that was before the disruptive power of Snapshot came along.

Scarborough Biotechnology’s Snapshot is one of the first commercial in-silico models that currently models 92 genes, 53 reactions, 109 metabolites, 3 cellular compartments -- different parts within the cell -- and 7 diseases, a list, by the way, that is growing each day.

Here are four ways that Snapshot is disrupting genetic engineering and unleashing the next wave of biotechnology discoveries:

Disruption 1 Instant and Accurate Analysis

Rather than performing expensive, time-consuming experiments to analyse the effects of gene edits, Snapshot can accurately predict cellular functionality from real gene expression data so that users can see how their gene edits would affect cells almost instantly.

Disruption 2 Avoiding Deadly Disorders

You never want to introduce mistakes when you’re editing. You definitely never want to introduce mistakes when you’re performing genetic edits. With Snapshot, you can highlight potential genetic disorders based on genomic conditions to help users avoid making gene edits that may lead to such disorders.

Disruption 3 Modelling Medicine

Pharmaceutical companies and research groups invest a lot of money in their drug candidates, but, how these drugs might cause side-effects are often unknown. Snapshot models certain drugs, such as painkillers -- like ibuprofen -- and antidepressants -- SSRIs, and their effects on metabolic pathways.

Disruption 4 Powerful and Inexpensive

To find out how genes affect the function of cells used to take a considerable investment. That puts it out of the hands of all but the biggest companies and research institutions. Snapshot, however, can provide a cheap model that allows anyone -- small groups, student labs, individuals, anyone! -- to explore how genes affect cellular functionality without having to buy any expensive equipment.

To learn more about how Snapshot is disrupting genetic engineering, or, rather, how Snapshot can help YOU disrupt genetic engineering, see us at or send us an email at

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