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Introducing Snapshot a genome scale model of the human cell  

Snapshot interface

Snapshot is a genome scale model of the human cell allowing you to edit genes and see how it affects cell functionality and what diseases might arise. Buy today and receive free updates including added genes, reactions and metabolites. 

Genome scale metabolic model consists of the following:

  • 100 Genes
  • 58 Reactions 
  • 120 Metabolites 
  • 3 Cellular Compartments
  • 10 Diseases

Main Features 

  • Gene knockin / knockout 
  • Includes several bio-markers for cancers
  • Highlighting of potential diseases based upon cell conditions
  • Drug modelling including Ibuprofen and it's affect on metabolic pathways
  • Can predict cellular functionality from TPM gene expression data 
  • Predicts a range of genetic disorders from gene expression data
  • Manual and documentation introducing you to genetic engineering and it's applications